Praying for Superpowers


"I have a distinct memory from middle school of having a rough day, coming home sad and angry, going outside and praying to God, 'Lord, PLEASE! Crash a biochemical waste truck through the fence in my parent’s backyard so that I can become a superhero.'" - Peter Jordahl

That was the beginning of daydreaming and imagining a life with superpowers that continues to this day through board games, video games, books, and movies. We all long for some sort of superpower, we have a desire for greatness and heroism! Let's explore together the superpowers we all get to have in games, books, and movies!

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Trever and Peter discuss Dungeons and Dragons, the satanic panic, and the therapeutic benefits of D&D. Join us each week for new content published on Mondays!
A Darker Shade of Magic is the first book in an incredible trilogy by V.E. Schwab, and we love it! The setting is incredible, the writing is amazing, and the characters are rich and develop throughout the story.

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Peter Jordahl and Trever Shirin's favorite game store in the Springs! We have been going to Petrie's for D&D nights, board game nights, halloween events, and bachelor parties since 2012 and love the environment of this game store! They have a game library where you can sit in store and play or rent them and bring them to game night. A used game section that has excellent finds, and incredible collection of MtG cards and all sorts of games!

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The creative mind behind the commercial that we made for this project. Gabe incredible at his craft and you should really check out his work!