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About Peter

From Adonalsium to Zuul, Peter loves the fictional and fantastical. The idea for this podcast came from many days spent talking and thinking with friends about how nerdy topics connect with real life. Peter loves to investigate how to use literature, movies, and television to encourage and inspire others. When he isn’t thinking or speaking about Nerdy Things, he is a sleep technician at Delta Waves. There he helps people discover what is disturbing their sleep, so that they can get a better and deeper sleep. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, his daughter and their puppy. You can find him on Instagram @peterjordahl.

CURRENTLY READING: “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Magic: the Gathering

CURRENTLY WATCHING: “The Dragon Prince” and “Hilda”

Peter's Corner

I am, and have always been, an artist. From paint to wood and pencil to clay; creation of any form relaxes my mind like a long drawn out sigh relaxes the body. I am no Michelangelo or Van Gogh, and I do not pretend to be a great artist. I am just a boy with a brush and parchment, looking to better the world through the simple act of art. You can follow me on instagram @peterjordahl.

The Adventurer and The Imp

I decided to write a story using the prompts from the @inktober challenge on Instagram - You can find the original artwork on my Instagram @peterjordahl and you can read the entirety of the story here.