Heroes in Crisis #3

From DC Comic’s Heroes in Crisis #3

From DC Comic’s Heroes in Crisis #3

Issue #3 focuses on Lagoon Boy, The Flash (Wally West), and Booster Gold, and in the first page we see each of them talking to (who we can assume is) Sanctuary. Lagoon Boy has been at Sanctuary for three months, The Flash for two and half weeks, and for Booster Gold it’s his first day.

It’s interesting to me to see the different coping mechanisms these heroes use to deal with their trauma.
— Peter Jordahl

Lagoon Boy - Throughout the issue we see Lagoon Boy getting struck with a laser and falling to the ground; he sits up and screams “AGAIN!” The laser downs him again. And again. And again. Three-hundred and thirty-seven times the laser tears through Lagoon Boy’s abdomen as a form of therapy provided by Sanctuary. Lagoon Boy then recounts to Sanctuary about the destruction of his team, the Titans East. Lagoon Boy explains, “It feels better having it on the outside than the inside. Or maybe it’ll feel better, y’know? Like maybe one day one of these blasts won’t hurt. And I won’t be scared. When it comes here or… …later. And it’ll hit me. That the laser isn’t real. Here or later. Like, one day I’ll just know that I’m real. And it’s not. And that’s okay. And then maybe, y’know, I’ll just laugh or something.” Lagoon Boy exits the Chamber as an emergency alarm sounds.

In order to deal with a near death experience and the deaths of his team members, Lagoon Boy relives the experience in an attempt to become so use to “dying” that it no longer phases him. He says that, one day, he hopes to laugh when attacked because he will be used to it by then. Ironically, Lagoon boy dies a few pages later with a spear to gut, and as he bleeds out, he laughs.

The Flash - uses Sanctuary’s Chamber to visit his backyard and see Linda, his wife, and his kids, Jai and Iris. They hug and smile and in the next scene Wally and his kids (who are both Speedsters) face off against Captain Cold. The next time we see Wally, he is tucking his daughter Iris into bed and confessing that the explanation of how he got his power doesn’t make any sense.  Through out these scenes, Sanctuary is continuously asking the Flash questions; questions that he doesn’t acknowledge except for the last one. “Is this what you want?” Sanctuary asks, referring to a life of fatherhood and family crime-fighting. Wally answers “No” as he dashes from the chamber to find out what triggered an alarm.

Wally West refuses to answer Sanctuary’s questions and instead he uses the Chamber to imagine himself with his children and wife in his backyard. As a family, he and his kids fight Captain Cold and ten he tucks them into bed later. When Sanctuary finally gives up asking questions, Wally answers, saying “No.” Implying that he doesn’t want the life of fatherhood and marriage and tucking the kids into bed.

We see Wally actively denying his desires for children and family, and then being faced with the loss of what little family he has is a devastating way.
— Trever Shirin

One page later Wally West is cradling Arsenal’s corpse and mumbling about “the kids” and never wanting to be alone. On the next page, Harley Quinn crushes his head with her mallet. Quite the opposite of Lagoon Boy, Wally West uses the Chamber to escape from his realities into happy fantasies.

Booster Gold - As the guardians of the of the Sanctuary show Booster Gold around, he responds to each thing they say with, ‘Outstanding!’ ‘Fantastic!’ and ‘Swell!’ He then proceeds to bury his head in his hand in despair. We cut to Booster having a back and forth with Sanctuary as he tries to understand the purpose of the Chamber. “Okay. Right. So I go. I am there. And that’s it?” Booster asks. “Mostly.” Sanctuary answers. “Mostly.” “Just while you’re there, try to know why you’re there.” Booster exclaims, “I knew it! The why. Now I get it!.. That’s the catch!.. That’s the trap!” “No Michael. That’s the help.

Gold’s storyline here is the most interesting as we watch him – quite literally – battle his inner turmoil. His self-loathing and judgement manifest as a copy of himself, who he then blames for judging him.
— Peter Jordahl

            Booster uses the Chamber to make a copy of himself. The first thing the copy does is berate the real Booster. The copy judges Booster’s choices in coming to the sanctuary and then makes fun of Booster’s receding hairline. “Who’s judging you?” The copy asks. The Real Booster shouts back, pointing at the image of himself, “You are! Right now. You, You! You… You.” The two Boosters get in a fist fight and the real Booster Gold tell his copy, “I hate you.” The alarm goes off and the real Booster Gold exits the Chamber. Instead of imagining himself into a different setting, Booster keeps the room the same but ads a copy of himself to the Chamber. A copy who immediately berates everything that Booster has done wrong that day – He even makes a couple jokes about his receding hairline. Booster Gold’s storyline here is the most interesting as we watch him – quite literally – battle his inner turmoil. His self-loathing and judgement manifest as a copy of himself, who he then blames for judging him. 

We cut to Lagoon boy standing over the bodies of other fallen heroes right before he is pierced by a spike or spear, in the same place the laser had been hitting him. As he dies, Lagoon Boy Laughs at the irony of his death. The Flash is holding tight to the body of Arsenal, Roy Harper. Wally cries as he admits that he didn’t want to be alone, and he mentions the kids before Harley Quinn crushes his skull with her mallet. Booster Gold, overwhelmed by shock and grief and unable to display any emotion, calmly confronts Harley as she crouches over the Flashes body.

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