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About Trever

Trever is a masters student at UCCS studying Clinical Mental Health to be a therapist in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs. He has been geeking out since the first day he watched Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" and reading Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles." He is married to his beautiful wife and loves board games, video games, outdoor games, and has never quite gotten into sports games.

CURRENTLY READING: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, listening to V.E. Schwab’s a Darker Shade of Magic trilogy.

CURRENTLY PLAYING: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt



My First Con

At my first con I was DMing on the main floor for the group Rollling in the Deep. It was super weird, awkward, and not very well planned as we were literally just in the middle of the main floor and people didn’t have anywhere to sit so they just walked over and watched over our shoulders for a few minutes.

Nevertheless we had an absolute blast with our Trailer-trash-wizard (bottom right), Charismatic bard (bottom middle), Confused Cleric (Bottom left) and our Eccentric Barbarian (top right).

One day I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to do a con the right way, but for now, I reflect on this crazy day!


Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep was a branch of an improv troupe in town. We had live shows all through the summer with crowd participation throughout the campaign. Granted, we only had about 7 participants each night, but it was still a blast doing live D&D in front of a “crowd.” I hope to be able to do something like this again one day, as it was a ton of fun!

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Oh, Hi Mark…

One time Chris and I went to a movie theatre in Denver to watch the room, to my surprise Tommy Wiseau and Sestero were there. Tommy took a picture with me where he was choking me, he offered me his underwear (I’m pretty sure it was a new brand he was starting, not the pair he was wearing, but honestly I can’t be sure). It was… quite the experience.

Also, did you know that I was in a movie that Vice Magazine called “The Room of 2014”? Yep, it was called “The Lock-In” and it was awful.


From Left to Right: Christ Jordahl, Trever Shirin, and Peter Jordahl in studio for the first time back in 2011.

The three of us go way back (like to nearly a decade before this picture)! Chris is a stand up comic and screenwriter, and also does Improv shows in Colorado with Stick Horses in Pants, check them out!

A Short Memory

When I was a kid...

I remember my mom saying to my siblings and me that we had to go play outside for the next two hours; probably for her to finish dinner or clean the house. All we had a was a playset, trampoline, two large trees, and fifty feet of rope. Oh the 90’s. This was a great time of adventure, imagination, engineering, and literal danger. I remember one day I climbed as high as I could into this tree, probably a good 30ft, and slipped, falling down this well branched tree and barely avoiding the ground as my legs grabbed hold of a tree limb. It was traumatic, but also a wonderful experience because it was all real, the joy and the danger, it was true adventure.


D&D Content from Ogrid's

A while ago I was inspired to make a Witcher class for D&D 5e, here is what came of that inspiration.